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Sunday, 12 February 2012


Cameron Highland...
The most best place yg me n my other half love to go. From Honeymoon sampai dah 3rd Anniversary pun still nk pegi sana.. There are many times la yang we  together being there..ada sekali tu si Eiris Diana baru 3 months old pon kiteorang dah bawa dia pegi sana. 
Last year , me bawa all my family members kira macam family outing le, holiday kat sana.. So there are many captured memories remains there.. And yet they to shared .. 


Family Outing 

Our 3rd Anniversary

We are really enjoyed Cameron Highland. And maybe ada lagi trip2 ke sana.. Selain daripada weather yg agak nyaman, juga suka kepada FOOD di sana.. Ada STRAWBERRY COKELAT... 


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