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Sunday, 12 February 2012

GiRL iN ActiON

 very active girl and really brave.. not forget SMART also
from baby lagi , she was active and selalu mendahului zaman.. cepat je bile nk wat sesuatu.. she also start called "mummy" and "daddy" masa umur 6 bulan, and start her first step in 11 months! BRAVO
Nena 8 months
Nena 9 months

Nena 11 months - Swimming Pool , Grand Season , Penang

Nena 11 months -  Naza Talya , Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Nena Loves Swimming ( "mimming" kata Nena)
Nena in the Fairytale Land
Nena was at Mummy's Birthday Celebration ( 18 months ) 

Mummy so happy and Syukur for having you, Darling..


  1. wah kakak baru wat blog ye.. banyoknye gambo

  2. maaf le yer cuen.. aku kan baru mencebur akn diri.. maka aku tak nmpk comment ko..


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