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I mean, by this time  (talking about year 2012) , after my 7 years of challenging time, i would asking to become a HR manager or Financial Adviser or maybe i will consider become an artist event manager :).. 

Become a lady engineer or female engineer or mostly called women engineer is not as glamour as it is. The keyword in engineers life are Struggle and Sacrifice.

We need to admit that, this is a MALE-DOMINATED industry. So to become a GOOD & COMPATIBLE engineers, we need to work triple (3x) harder than male engineers (quoted by my lecturer , Ir. Dr Lariyah)

2 male engineers : 1 female engineer
And we talk about women engineers, people tend to think of a very dusty women with unfashionable dresses, but for me it is necessarily a women engineer to take care of her personal image and personal attitude as we need to change the perception of many people towards women engineer. So the attitude we carry also can be a X-FACTOR for the women engineer to compete with the male engineers in this industry.

Magazine Jurutera July 2011
In Malaysia, we used to be a women engineers in this field just because the MALE GRADUATED in engineering is less and less every year.So we (pretty girls) are forced to be an engineer  just to full fill the capacity of that institute (believe me) because I am a local graduated. But in the end, the Professional Engineers in Malaysia is 31:1 (Male Engineer: Female Engineer) just because the women engineers end up not interested in practising the engineering.

Many women engineers have FAMILY. And some people might think of this is the burden , but this is the challenged to us. Some pregnant women engineers still go the site , some married women engineers can perform very well in aeronautical .

I do have many GIRLFRIENDS who are married and very competent engineers. Loudly I would say , Sadah is married with one son is working with JKR, Schuen is also married with one pretty girl also used to be an EPSON engineer , Oomey is an iron lady, a wife is currently working with KENCANA Petroleum, Shiema is very beautiful lady engineer with 2 kids is supervised the main drain when she was 6 months pregnant and many more... (Fairul , jgn marah aku tak mention nama kau)

So, out there, its all about your choice and how you choose your life. If you want it, you will get it. The more challenge you face, the more experience you get and its makes your life more valuable.

The top there, is some of the issues has been highlighted thro women engineers. The bolted in red is written by my lecturer in UNITEN, Ir. Dr. Marlinda ; one of the toughest women engineer  I know.

I am proud to be a Women Engineer.


p/s: the 2 video clips are discussing "Lack of Women Engineers in Malaysia" . Enjoys


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