Friday, 9 March 2012

B'day Dine

Yeah, Its my DAY. When its turn 30. And like previous year, I will have a birthday dinner with my loves one .
So this year, we are having our dinner at Tanzini, Gtower (Jalan Tun Razak) .
Since, time is so packed with works, so we decide to go at 6.00p.m, and luckily the day is very bright not like the day before [ the sunshine is with my birthday :)]. Arrived there, almost at 7.20p.m, and straight go to Tabung Haji's  mosque ( sbb dah nak masuk Maghrib).

We get to Tanzini after that. The waiter straightly send us to our reservation table ( mmg minta tepi window yg facing KLCC, walaupun one of my friend kata, I ni typical cerita Lestary TV3, makan kena facing KLCC.. ahhh whatever, sekali je pun kan.)

And the appetizer pun coming, ohh lupa the bread is served too, but takde photo sbb cik Eiris loves the bread.
Yummy Salmon
After a few minutes after that, the soup is served. It is a mushroom soup.
Full-fed Mushroom Soup 
For our "mouth-wash" , we are choose 

Before we are went for our "main course" , we went out side, at the deck, we can see the night life of KL (forgot to tell, it is situated at Level 28)

Then, the waiter called us for our main course ; I choose the chicken while my hubby choose pasta.

Juicy Chicken 
Delicious Prawn with Pasta

Finally, we end our dinner with the lovely dessert .

Ice cream for Lil Eiris
Comot tak Saya?
We finished our dinner at 9.30p.m. And thanx a lot to my hubby for the treat. 


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  1. happy belated birthday sis.. semog aterus dimurahkan rezemi & bahagia selalu hendaknya..

    salam kenal dr zana.. nice blog sis!


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