Just nk share the best part masa pregnant my second kid ni. Walaupun the first trimester mmg sgt lembik sbb muntah yg teramat teruk, tp gagah kan diri g kelas every weekend, and terpaksa study smpi larut mlm, tp hasil nya amat berbaloi- baloi.

Thanx sesangat kt my "back-bone", my MAN yg everytime share the hard time, send me to class, send me to library waktu mlm (sbb ada discussion / nk study)..

Tak sangka juga all the lecturers mmg very helpful nk tolong I study subject2 ni.

But untuk this sem, I bercuti sbb my EDD on 8/11/2012. So kita postponed semester ini.

Harap nya, the rest of the semesters, I will make it the best!.


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