Saturday, 12 January 2013


A new brand in town ; i am addicted to it .
Everybody also love it as such they will upload anything they eat, anything they do, anything they see etc

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Being a mom plus having a 'pre-sch child' is really tough. To make sure it is undercontrol , u need to manage everything.

On Sunday afternoon, u need to make sure the uniform for the whole week is ready. Oh ironing is really bad thing to me. Coz it is hot! Not only uniform, all things like socks, shoe, nametag and panty are in order.

I need to diff the uniform for monday and other day coz when her daddy send her to school, everything will mixed up. Another heavy task for me.

Need to write name on the bag, pencil case, colour to make sure ur kid do not forget her things.

Being mommy is really hard but sometimes u feel excited coz u r a SUPERWOMAN !

Friday, 4 January 2013


Yesterday was the first day, eiris boarding to her pre-sch. I sent her to lilttle caliph , tadika cilik innovatif, kampung nakhoda.

She was very excited going to school. Sampaikan bangun pagi sgt awl, mgkn xbole tidur last night.

When reached at school, terus mntak mummy ngan daddy balik, die xmahu orang teman. Wah sungguh confident kan.

But another day, daddy or mummy je send eiris in the morning tp balik nnt eiris naik van aunty Vani. So Eiris kena berdikari.

Semoga eiris selesa bersekolah dan menjadi pelajar yg pintar. Berjaya di dunia dan Akhirat.

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