Eating Out

Huhu start dr last week mmg 'fiesta mkn'. Everyday g mkn besar le kirenya. Stelah ditinggalkan suami untuk 2 hari, ehh 3 hari le. So bile suami dh pulang, everyday g mkn luar le.
Thursday g mkn kt San Fransisco Pizza, I order Beef Steak n my hubby ordered Lamb Shank. Tp sgt upset the steak xsedap. But the best part is their Mushroom Braucetta.
Friday lunch hour, I went to TGiF. Again I ordered Steak. Atas alasan smlm punye xsedap kn. G mkn ngan opismate. But the Golden Wing is really delicious. N steak die mmg Superb ( sila cuba ).
Saturday mlm kita g The Curve. We all having dine at Vivo Pizza , Pasta n Panini. Ni restaurant yg mmg expert in Pasta. So my hubby ordered Spagetti Meat Ball. I would like to try the Beef Lasagna. N the best is the dessert. Apa ntah namenye.. Volcannic.. Huhu mmg btul volcanic mkn choc cake with ice-cream.
And we are enjoy our time bonding together.


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