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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pisang molen

PMasa g Bandung tu, mmg dh review byk page kate mesti mkn pisang molen. 
So bile smpi kt bandung beriya le cari pisang molen. Wah mmg sedap sht rasa pisang molen ni. 
N actually pisang molen adalah puff pisang berkeju.. Gitu. 

So mmg craving pisang molen ni sgt. So decide nk buat sendiri. And it is happened. Caya lah😜

Mmg sgt berbangga ngan diri sendiri.. Rasa dh ada walaupun rupanya xbpe cantek.. 

Chef Mizi going to Qatar

I mean he is my brother. Huh he is a chef at Grand Bluewave, Johor Bahru before. And he got the offer to work in Qatar. How proud my mom it is.
We sent him to Qatar on 17/6/2013 ( just at KLIA). 
He will be bonded with Holiday Villa Qatar in 2 years time. 

Sports Day

My first time attending my daughther' sport day. 
Last 29/6/2013, the kinddie held one small but very interersting sport day.
Lil Eiris take part in 2 games ans she won! 
Well done daughther.. I am a proud mummy...

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