Friday, 8 November 2013

A message to Mr Aw

Hi mr Aw. Sorry for disturbing you. I am thinking of tendering my resignation in 24 hours notice. 
I really cannot help myself from this hard situation. I've been MC for a long week. My son is suffering from asthma. I need to really monitor of him. It would be taking about some time. 
I am not leaving this career for long. I will resume my job might be somewhere in early next year.
I hope you will be considering my application. I know it is not fair to you and to the company. But I dont have any other choice. 
Since I am not handling many projects ( current is only MRT Sg Buloh & Park Manor only ), I think all the infos are safe kept by other engineers. 
The company cars, all the keys and cards will be pass to Mary on Wednesday. I am not claiming for all the travel fees for the month of October.
Thank you for your much consideration.
Looking a good relationship on the future and really want to thank for all your kindness and your supervision. 

Nur Efy Binti Mohd Hamdari
( I am writing in the ward with my son)

Itu adalah sms ahkak kpd boss ahkak masa nk resign aritu. Masa tu boss ahkak kat oversea. And he replied : 

Sedih kan baca reply drpd boss.. Sgt prihatin kpd masalah rakyat jelata. 

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