Thursday, 21 November 2013

Marilyn Monroe

When we are talking about Marilyn Monroe, everybody feel it and know her well. She is an ICON to the world. Not even women and ladies out there envy her, but the real men also loves her .

She is the beauty , the passion, the love and even the sex.

Some might say, she is a model of modern woman ; at that time. She came out with the fashion and style.

Same goes to one of our friend, Lisa. She loves MM very much until she came out with the collection of MM. And nowadays she can even sell it on weekend because of many people are seeking for the MM collections.

You can follow her on FB , and for those who are in Malaysia, you can come to Amcorp Mall, PJ every Sunday and search for her.

Tourist also love her collection [ photo taken from Lisa Celebrity Collectible page]
The most and foremost, Lisa give me a bag with MM on the body. It is really stunning my eyes.

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